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Wholesale Hound Dog Small
Wholesale Hound Dog Small Wholesale Hound Dog Small Wholesale Hound Dog Small

Wholesale Hound Dog Small


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    You ain't nothin' but a Hound Dog ...

    We’ve called the one in our catalogue Harry but you can call yours whatever you want. In this feature Harry the Hound Dog answers your most frequently asked questions about his past, present and future …

    What makes you different and desirable?

    “Apart from my large, smiling eyes, wagging tail and floppy tongue you mean?”

    “I was originally drawn by a chap called Aaron a jeweller by trade in Australia. He owns a factory in Vietnam where I’m hand-made from old 44-gallon drums that are recycled. He uses skilled crafts-people to make me the individual I am.”

    You’re happy to spend most of your life outside – how are you able to cope?

    “I was born to be outside. The materials I’m made from were designed to withstand life outside on ocean shipping vessels – these qualities have rubbed off on me and I wear them with pride. I’m a sun lovin’ dog at heart though especially because my coat is UV Resistant.”

    You and your kind are made over and over … are all Hound Dogs the same?

    “No way – we’re all individuals baby. The 44-gallon drums that give us life all come from different sources and in different colours this gives us our individuality.”

    What, would you say, are your best qualities?

    I’ve got holes in my feet meaning I can stay upright on any surface and it doesn’t hurt – a trick I learnt at birth and it’s just stayed with me ever since.”

    If you’ve got a question for Harry just give us a call he loves talking about himself …

    Height: 42cm
    Width: 27cm
    Depth: 66cm

    Please Note: Our Metal Ornaments have various different colour schemes meaning the item you receive may not have the exact colour scheme as the one pictured above.

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